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I sit and wait,

The day far gone yet darkness stayed,

Hovering over the landscape like a plague,

Convincingly compelling me to indulge in the deeds it bade.

The works of night lurked in the corner,

Ready to sprawl out when it mattered,

Patiently the dark force waited,

Waited for the moment to pick the right target.

Then an err on the path of a man who walked by,

Triggered evil instincts of men who were nigh,

Swords were drawn.

Clubs were spawned.

Chaos rained supreme.

Over all who had come to lynch.

And men sought to destroy,

A fellow man who had made the wrong choice,

Evil spirits that lurked in corners stealthily,

Made grand entrances into souls who sat idly.

By and by they dragged a brother,

To Golgotha to have him murdered,

I watched every ounce of calm fall off this defaulter,

As fresh pints of terror tainted his countenance.

His pleas for mercy were stifled,

As darkness rallied on the victims it had bundled,

So vicious was this crowd the evil one drew with him,

That they marched on killing their lamb in unrythymic symphony,

And before they got to Golgotha,

This man they had slain from Adam’s.







My face fades slowly away

Another’s countenance was coming to stay

My essence disperses and begins to wane

Another’s presence was revealed and took centre stage

The time had come and I was set to set sail

Sail the great beyond in search of a place

A place I would be nailed

Nailed for all my sins, I will pay

Looking over the edge of the cliff from where I laid

My failing eyes came to rest, upon a figure they gazed

Bright and white it glistened amist the haze

And sought to get to me as I watched in a maze

From below, the figure called out to me with grace

As I looked on, dazed

Tempted to stay awake and not set sail

Her voice, sounding like the echo of rushing wind on winter’s day

Urging me to execute the deed she bade

Enticed and mystified at the beauty I faced

I rued the life I lived, of which love, I never gave

And affection and compassion to me, never came

In this moment of self inflicted pain

I had found myself a lover of mystic waves

With beauty none could shade

Words of wisdom she uttered like a sage

She had a smile that gave me satisfaction I haven’t had in years

This mystery lady I was ready to follow till the end of days

Life gave me one more twist that I could take

In my final moment of regret and shame

I found the one, whom I called soulmate

One last time I gazed

And rolled down the cliff to meet my lover, who for me had come to wait.



Nick Ikwen


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