How Can I Monetize Writing In Nigeria ?


The theme for the classes we organized recently was, “Monetizing writing – Simplified.” The writers who attended learnt a lot about honing and marketing their skills. How Can I Monetize Writing In Nigeria ?

Although the classes were detailed, there’s still a need to emphasize monetizing writing, especially in this part of the world. Hence, this listicle. Below are some proven ways to monetize writing :


A blog is one of the sources of information needs. These needs can be consumer, research, professional, business, technology, philosophy, transport, health, finance, food, social, entertainment and so on. The modern society requires constant information . A finance minister can provide information that a doctor may not know about and vice versa. Search engines help but they only produce information written by people.

There are over five hundred million blogs out there but blogging is still lucrative. The major reason is because information sells. Isn’t it surprising that people would go any length to get answers, solutions and data? Think about it, story plots, school studies, religious institutions and so on, are all about information.

An important aspect of blogging is carving a niche. This involves picking out an information need and satisfying. They could be more than one. After choosing, information is required. For instance, this blog is about writing, people who visit it should almost everything associated with writing. If the focus is technology, then everything on the blog should be about it. People would begin to visit the blog to get solutions, answers and data about technology.

How Can I Get Started With Blogging

This technology era has made a lot easier. Sites like,, substack,medium, and others have been made user friendly.

WordPress allows a writer blog regularly and share their posts. It provides many benefits like built-in SEO (search engine optimization), responsive designs, tech support and so on, depending on the plans you buy. Also, power blogs while gives free blogs with basic features. Another blogging site, Substack, provides opportunity to blog and send mails to readers simultaneously. There are many more sites to blog. Read more here.

Social Media: How Can I Monetize Writing In Nigeria ?

Another way of blogging is through social media. With social media, there’s no limit to publicity. Although some people use social media to amplify their blogs, some other people blog regularly on social media. An example is @diaryofanaijagirl on instagram who empowers women. Her type of blogging is simplified. She breaks her information down in tweets, images, videos . She monetizes with ads and sales of products. It’s almost the same with blogs. But, many prefer blogs because they fear their social media pages can disappear someday anytime.

The most important things are starting and consistency. Consistency in showing up and improving.

2. Copywriting

Every company wants to sell their product i they can. Copywriting is one of the interesting and creative ways to make that happen.

Copywriting, according to Wikipedia, is the act or occupation of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy or sales copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.

Copywriting has evolved and keeps evolving. It comes in different formats nowadays. People explore their creativity in different ways to sell a product. There are copywriting influencers who build their audience on social media and then sell products to them in a relatable way. @shank_comics on Twitter is an example. He tweets relatable stories that create awareness for products. He started with writing stories on the app before he got recognized by companies.

How Can I Monetize Writing?

However, some companies prefer collecting the copies instead. In this case, a copywriter would need to apply for the role and gets chosen. Either way, copywriting is a skill that can be honed and monetized.

3. Book Sales

For writers who love to write poems, stories and the likes, this is a perfect way to monetize it. There are two ways to do this: self publishing or traditional publishing.

How Can I Monetize Writing?

Traditional publishing is a kind of publishing that involves submitting a manuscript to a traditional media to produce a book.Self publishing, on the other hand, is a fast rising way of publishing books. It means doing the processes of publishing, oneself, without the help of a publishing firm.

A teacher in one of the concluded classes we organized, talked about self publishing. 

What Is Self-publishing And How Can I Self-publish? 

Unlike traditional publishing where the firm does it all, self publishing involves hiring an editor, beta reader, proofreader, bookcover designer oneself. Nowadays, people use social media and word of mouth to market their books. Before delving into self publishing, these are some things to be put in place. 

What You Should Know Before Self-publishing A Book

  • Create a social media page. Self publish or not, you’d need an online page to connect with people.
  • Show Up Regularly. This earns people’s trust. People want to trust whoever they’re giving their money to. Now, ere’s the part some writers get it wrong. If you want to publish a prose, they should find short stories on your page or blog. Don’t post poetry every time, then publish a prose. A buyer would probably be skeptical since they don’t know your prowess in that aspect.
  • Improve: It’s not advisable to rush. Take time to improve and hone the craft. Growth is a process, trust the process.

Some people say, ‘’ your first book would be trash, so sell.”

This is true in a way, but the buyers of the first book are the promoters of the second. You can make it free if you’re not sure how good you are. You can also consult readers and friends for criticisms. Either way, Learn, take courses, attend masterclasses and trust the growth process.

Hype Your Book. We often make the mistake of thinking people would buy our books because they’re our fans. Newsflash, it really doesn’t work that way. You have to hype your stuff continuously. Even if you spend millions on marketing, you still have to continue advertising it, in your own way. Even the big musicians keep hyping and asking people to buy their songs. These people are big, they have fans, they spend money on marketing. Yet, they keep tweeting and posting.


Don’t be shy to ask people to buy your book. Send them direct messages, post everywhere. It’s your book. Your hardwork was put into it.

Do you want to self publish a book? Send a message to us at [email protected] , we would love to guide you. 

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Conclusively, there are several other ways to monetize writing. They vary from proposal writing to speech writing to publications and many more. The key thing required is mastering the craft properly. No writer can write from an empty barrel. Keep learning, growing and evolving.

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