The Interview

The Interview

The gigantic glass building stood towering above all other buildings around it, with the words stiletto towers boldly written on it. It was the biggest accounting firm in Nigeria, and this interview was my only shot at getting into it.

As I walked towards it, I was shaking visibly from fear. Just then/until I remembered the bracelet on my wrist.

The bracelet was a good luck charm. The most effective and expensive I could get. “Success Magnet” In baba’s words. I had borrowed to pay for it, after all my first salary would be more than enough to repay the debt.

“What do you want it for?” Baba had asked in Yoruba

“Ise” I had responded.

“The bracelet would attract it to you,” he had assured me

As the memory returned, confidence followed. I held my head up, smiling and fumbling with the beads. More touch, more confidence.

Just then, I saw brown coral beads rolling around the terraced premises, the beads exactly like the ones on my bracelets. I looked at my wrist in astonishment. It had cut. The rope was the only thing left on my wrist.

Was this a bad omen? Would the charm still work? Many thoughts were running through my mind.

I bent down and began picking the beads closest to me.

 ‘Can I help you with this?’

I looked up to see who the voice came from, and right in front of me was a scruffy-looking man. I would have normally ignored him if he had approached me on any other day, but right now I needed help.

I am Ise and you? He asked as he bent down.

I opened my mouth to speak but could not make out any word.

I was finished.

The Interview

I am Ozioma Okafor, a writer. I post my write-ups on Instagram @astoldbyoma.


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