Ten Nigerian Writing Communities For You

Joining a community that spark conversations about books to read, writer’s block, and many writing topics and tips, is important to a writer’s growth.

More important is if the community is one with writers in Nigeria, or wherever your location is. This article is a list of writing communities in Nigeria you can be a part of. 

Ten Nigerian Writing Communities For You


With over thirty one thousand members on Facebook, Arthut connects creatives. The beautiful thing about this community is, you can post your work in the community without being judged.

According to the founder, they run classes and interesting prompts from regularly.

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If you really want to connect with creatives like yourself, Arthut is the place to be. Join here

2.The African Writers (TAW)

Ten Nigerian Writing Communities For You

TAW is a popular community for African Writers on instagram. They organise contests, post relatable content, run writers conferences and share helpful tips.

At TAW, you would meet writers of all levels: beginner, intermediate and experts. If you need help understanding the writing world, TAW is the place to be. Join here. They also have a closed group for serious writers to learn, join here

3. The Lens Media

The Lens Media is an educative and a self-publishing platform for writers and creatives. 

Do you want to learn and have fun at the same time? TLM is the place to be.

TLM is set out to teach writers from the grassroot level in a relatable way. Their features range from writing tips to interviews to featured tips, among others.

Ten Nigerian Writing Communities For You


The amazing thing about this community is that they pop different features daily. So while you’re still getting comfortable with one, another is right in your face. All these to attain one goal: education.

Join here.

4. Tell!


With over 14K registered users, one of Their goals at Tell! Is to have a conducive Environment for creatives. Their blogging app enables writers create an account and post their works.

According to their founder, they recently pushed a feature to the platform called author Tipping that enables writers to be rewarded monetarily for creating valuable content for their readers.Join here

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5. SynCity

“Africa’s community of literary and Art Enthusiasts” This is a great community to join if you want to submit your works for contests and publications. Plus, you get to meet other creatives as well.Join here


This community is mostly active on instagram and mainly for readers. The exciting thing about it is that short stories are discussed like movies.

Ten Nigerian Writing Communities For You

“Why did she kill her?” “What? I can’t believe the writer wrote that” are the sort of conversations held there.

With over ten thousand followers, the gap between writers and readers is being bridged. To get a story featured, send it to their email.

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Recently, they announced the possibility of new story series and marketing of books. Join here.

7. The Writers Hub Writing Community

Powered by LMCglobal, this hub promotes impact through writing for “mind transformation and world revolution at large.”

They run interesting features like ‘Writer of the month’. They have an active whatsapp platform where writers are given the opportunity to teach one another. Think of it as a writers club in Nigeria. 

Join here.

8. Kokoba Stories

Relatively new, this page has awesome features for writers, ranging from conversations to tips to stories.

They recently launched a new segment titled Writers skill up project- to educate writers one topic at a time. The tone of their page is friendly and conversational. 

Join here

9. Inkhood writing community

This community features writers’ works and share tips and quotes.

Although their website is being worked on, their instagram page is an interesting one with captivating tales from avid storytellers in Nigeria . Join here

10. The Victoria O (TVO Tribe

This community has an African vibe that lures you in at first stop. They are active on instagram and Twitter.

They run writing contests, post writing tips and tell African stories. If you love African vibes mixed with literature, this community is for you. Join here

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