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Writing, like every other profession, requires information to thrive. This information, often gotten from reading, is broad. Although writers love to devour books in their areas of expertise, a certain type that is neglected is ‘’SELF HELP’’. Self-help books are a compilation of information, meant to aid people in specific areas. Ranging from psychology, spirituality, education to sex, parenting, and marriage -the subjects they provide solutions for are limitless.  There’s a self-help book for nearly everything. And, writing isn’t excluded.  Interestingly, writers’ self-help books are in different categories. For instance, there are some for sentence construction and some for business...

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Ten Nigerian Writing Communities For You

Joining a community that spark conversations about books to read, writer's block, and many writing topics and tips, is important to a writer's growth. More important is if the community is one with writers in Nigeria, or wherever your location is. This article is a list of writing communities in Nigeria you can be a part of.  Ten Nigerian Writing Communities For You 1.ARTHUT With over thirty one thousand members on Facebook, Arthut connects creatives. The beautiful thing about this community is, you can post your work in the community without being judged. According to the founder, they run classes...

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How Can I Monetize Writing In Nigeria ?

  The theme for the classes we organized recently was, “Monetizing writing – Simplified.” The writers who attended learnt a lot about honing and marketing their skills. How Can I Monetize Writing In Nigeria ? Although the classes were detailed, there’s still a need to emphasize monetizing writing, especially in this part of the world. Hence, this listicle. Below are some proven ways to monetize writing : 1.Blogging A blog is one of the sources of information needs. These needs can be consumer, research, professional, business, technology, philosophy, transport, health, finance, food, social, entertainment and so on. The modern society...

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