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Is Book Blogging Lucrative? ( with Yinka Odufote)

Yinka Odufote is a content writer, bookblogger and law student. She is also our guest in today's Time Out with TLM. During the lockdown, Yinka started a book blog and built her audience gradually. According to her, the blog is a source of excitement and she may consider doing it full-time soon. What is Book blogging? Is Book Blogging Lucrative? In this interview, Yinka share with us her experience. Enjoy! WHAT IS BOOK BLOGGING? WHAT’S THE PROCESS LIKE, FOR YOU? Blogging is fun. When I started, it was really good and with time and right audience, it became better.I started...

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Stretch Marks In Water A Review

To the ever-painful process of sorting through what is trauma and what is your engrained personality. ~ ODULE. O’SUSSANE STRETCH MARKS IN WATER. STRETCH MARKS IN WATER - A Book Review I close STRETCH MARKS IN WATER for the third and final time. I stare at the ceiling fan and let it draw me deep into another poet’s subconscious. My compass and guide book, pink and bright, meant to guide me on this path is as helpful as a hallucinated reflection of myself. And beyond each swirl of the ceiling fan, I find a mocking X. Another question. Another question...

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