Storytelling 4.0:Copywriting VS Storytelling

Storytelling 4.0:Copywriting VS Storytelling

I have a friend who is fantastic at copywriting. He is versatile and has worked with many clients so i paid him to teach me how to do it.

 About few classes into it, i stumbled on a twitter comment. ‘’I love your copywriting,’’ the person wrote under a storytelling post. I was perplexed. What the hell was going on? How did storytelling (that i did for brands) become copywriting? Was there some secret I wasn’t being told?

So i bounced into my friend’s DM with a screenshot of the comment, asking for an explanation. To my utmost surprise, he affirmed the comment. According to him, that storytelling style was copywriting. ‘’Copywriting is any form of communication that sells a product or service. So even podcast can be a form of copywriting,’’ he added.

Storytelling 4.0:Copywriting VS Storytelling

It was an epiphany for me. I had already started writing stories for brands at the time; the news disturbed me. Without hesitation, i told him this and he asked for samples. After he saw them, he laughed. ‘’Sola, you are already a copywriter,’’ he said. ‘’In fact, your storytelling gives you a better edge.’’

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Not only did i feel foolish that day, but I also felt like I had missed a lot. Anyway, I asked all the questions in my mind. The answers i got made me realise what i’m about to share.Copywriting is a king and storytelling, its queen. Copywriting is broad and has many children and subjects, just like a king. Invariably, a queen may be able to give orders but she can’t be revered as a king.

Storytelling 4.0:Copywriting VS Storytelling

The subjects of copywriting are podcasts, videos, texts, and so on. While some of them can bow to storytelling, others can not. However, storytelling still remains a queen. One that has power and slowly but surely, hard-hearted subjects of copywriting are accommodating it.

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