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Self isolation



By Oluwanisola Eludoyin

Self isolation
What to do during isolation?


Day 2 into Social distancing revealed an amazing opportunity to me. I was bored and had done every chore I could think of in the house. To keep myself busy, I picked up the laptop and fiddled with the applications on it. What I saw banged in my head, ideas.
Video creation/editing was not what I had planned to do but it was what I ended up doing amazingly well after discovering a certain app.

Social distancing should be turned to a blessing. The social media moguls have been preaching ‘’learning skills’’ for weeks and I am preaching it now.

Contrary to what may be circulating with you, skills mostly don’t come with interest. If someone had suggested learning video editing to me weeks ago, I would have declined, making an excuse of not being interested but discovering it on my own brought thrills that would propel me to learn more and possibly take classes on videos .

Johnny drille, in his boredom, counted the apps he had on his phone and found out they were about 60+. He said ‘’I was surprised. I never knew I had so much’’. Simply put, he had been so busy that he did not realize there were so many apps on his phone.

Many, in this instance, could amount to blessings. If he spared enough time to check out their peculiarities, he could end up learning various skills. Perhaps, we’d know him as Johnny the photographer or Johnny the spoken word artist.

Moreso, the Whatsapp app has created so many opportunities for learning. Classes are now being taken on the app, producing products of reasoning. A particular new trend called Whatsapp Tv has created a platform for people to get entertained, informed and educated but what’s more striking is that those platforms and even Friends’ status are being used to advertise classes. Staying alert to them can result to learning amazing skills.


In addition to bonding with family during this period, you can also lounge for online Apps to build skills. Below are courses, skills and Apps you can utilize:


The World has gone beyond mediocrity and large organizations are demanding for perfection. Self isolation for fourteen days can grant you an amazing skill like photography, especially if you have good eye for objects and people. You never can tell though. Attempting can make you realize the ability in you. Some applications to get started with are Photocaddy, Photo Academy, Photography 101 among others.


There are so many apps that have created a platform for people to learn languages. Also, you can decide to teach them. The best is to teach while learning. So, for instance, if your French is average, you can start the lectures [teaching others] and continue your learning. Some apps that can help with that are Hellotalk, Babbel. Clozemaster, Buolingo, among others.


As earlier said, I did not realize how much interest I had in it until I decided to go for it. So, go for it. You’d be amazed at how much knowledge you could amass
, Some applications that can help you are; Video editor for Windows 10, Adobe Premier Clip, iMovie, Shotcut, Splice,
Cameo, among others.


If you love poetry, spoken word is a way to expand it. You would express yourself more and pass great messages . It is a budding aspect in poetry, so you may want to download some videos on YouTube on how to start and get to work. Some applications that can shapen your skills are; Poetry daily [Ios], Pocket poetry [Ios], Wings [Ios/Android], The Poetry Hour [Ios/Android], among others


This skill is selling fast on the internet. It entails doing marketing online, product description, Pushing Ads ,getting familiar with how the media works and more. It is another skill you can decide to learn online. Apps like Primer Pilot, TED App, Quora, Slideshare are designed for this particular skill.


Storytelling has gone beyond tales under the moonlight. It is now used for digital marketing for big companies and products. . Everyone loves to hear stories. It is amazing scheme that fetches money. However taking some courses may be needed. Also, apps like VoiceThread, StoryKit, XtraNormal, ToonTastic can help out.


So many people are in need of this skill. Every page online needs content to grow it. If you’re patient enough, you’d learn how to create and curate content. Creating it means bringing it from your brain afresh while curating it means, adding your knowledge to existing ones. Some apps that could help out are; Pocket, Symbaloo, Learnist, Diigo, Flipboard, among others


This here is the bedrock of seminars, conferences and meetings. Dale Carnegie’s books can help you with this and also, his online courses should be taken. You can also check apps like HeadSpace, Calm, Insight Timer.


This skill is budding and making waves in the country. A good number of people are cashing out from it so get to work. Apply for classes and learn. Also, check out, Animoto Video Maker, FlipaClip, Animation Desk, PicsArt Animator



This can not be overestimated. This course is the bedrock of a lot of designs online. So, I suggest you learn it. There are a lot of peculiarities assigned to it. Also check out Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe Light Room and Adobe Illustrator.

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