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Sirs: Portrait of Oppression.

Sirs: Portrait of Oppression
Who do we call "sirs?" 
a group of messrs  
clowning around a bottle 
of brandy with an AK in 
a group of messrs
who play Russian roulette
with a crippled beggar. 
Why do we answer "sirs?"
we answer sirs to our fathers' summon
when they sit at a base for a
 blood drinking spree. 

we answer as they take a sip,
& another & another sip of
 our blood in their chalice.

 sometimes i answer sir to ma 
also when she robs me of my sanity. 

there are many sirs at my home
as neighbors
crying wolf like hadada ibis.

 it hurts to admit but I am a sir too,
my father is a sir too,
so is my brother & uncle & dear son,
we are all sirs in a different uniform.

 #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #ReformPolice
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