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Save your fucks, for things that matter.

 We have been hearing a lot recently, why you should not give a fuck and how it is best for you, but just like everything else there is a right way and then there is a wrong way to do it, from big criminals to some of the most successful people, knowingly or unknowingly don’t give fucks about most of the things in their life, the only thing that makes the difference is their choice of things, things they choose to care about, our fucks are really precious and quality of our life depends on how we choose to spend them, So lets see number of things you shouldn’t and should give fucks about,

So what are the things that you shouldn’t give a fuck about?

1. People who don’t give a fuck

Yeah! You shouldn’t care about people who don’t care, like if you had an Ex who left you cause she never gave a shit, stop caring about it, there are people, and they have fucked you over for some part in your life, but see, you could either learn the lesson and try to recognize some assholes from the very start for next time, or you can dwell over how it is not right and they did bad to you, well, fuck them, Karma is a bitch and she gonna bite them anyway, so live your life and save your fucks, from using them on this one.

2 . Winning small Arguments

Why? Because it doesn’t fucking matter, winning small arguments that you have with your friends, strangers or family mambers ain’t gonna change shit for you, well unless its about your favorite music artist, in this case, roll up your sleeves, pull up some dopeass beats, smartass lyrics and fuck them over, i’m hoping you know i’m kidding, any argument that lacks the potential to change your life in a positive way, isn’t worth your time, let the barber thing he got good songs in his playlist, let that guy in gameshop think he is better at playing PUBG than you, let your friend think he can get any girl and watch his ass being kicked and the list goes on, so the point is, fuck small arguments, save your precious words, and fucks both.

3. Using only Branded shit

I get the whole idea of branded stuff means better quality, status symbol, etc but hey! rock what you wanna wear and forget about it, if you buy something branded and it’s because you see value in it then it’s fine, but don’t go for those just to show that you can afford them, people who come to you because of those things aren’t worth your time anyway, now someone might argue that they just wanna fucking wear them, well, go ahead, all i’m saying is don’t let your value depend on that shit, save some bucks and some fucks together if you can.

4. Past

Yeah yeah, i get it, shit could have been different if you had not said something, had done things differently and the list of what you wish to change in the past goes on, but the truth is, thinking about it ain’t gonna change shit, and no, i’m not saying that you shouldn’t cherish the moments you had with people, places and things, just that you shouldn’t live there, don’t throw your colours on the canvas that has been painted already, save it and create a fucking Art out of all the opportunities that you have.

5. Being Perfect

Life is a journey, a transformation of you throughout this journey is necessary, and that gives you the freedom to live freely without trying to be perfect, it’s always good that you are trying to get better but don’t back out from showing your art, your work, your product just because it’s not perfect, let there be some room open for change, embrace the imperfection, let it be like an art, Beautiful but not necessarily perfect.

6. This Article

“Wait, Did he just tell us that we shouldn’t give a fuck about what he has to say?” and the answer is Yes, i just did, if i’m being honest, it’s just a random fucking article on the internet so, don’t stress about everything being according to what i’ve written here, use the info and wisdom if you found any, take what you like and forget everything else.

So now, let’s have a look at the things you should give fucks about.

1. Family and Relationships

Family is always important, they have been there from the start and they are always gonna be there, and i’m not saying that you have to be around them all the freaking time and spend every minute of your life with them, but they are important part of your life, you should care about them but at the same time, don’t let them look down on you, and the same goes for Relationships, whether with friends or with Love of your life, in one way or another, they play a big part in defining you and your life, so be choosy and give fucks about having the right ones and when you have right ones, cherish them with all your heart, but with open eyes.

2. Dreams and Goals

Dreams and Goals are the things that actually give a meaning to your life, it gives you the reason to stay up at night and work your ass off and at the same time, provides you the enthusiasm and excitement to do so, without getting much tired and when achieved, also bring you fulfillment in various aspects, so all the fucks you been saving, there will be no better place to spend them than this one.

3. Health

Health is something you should give tremendous amount of fucks about, cause it is necessary for enjoying everything else you have in your life, and here, i’m not asking you to run 20-30 miles everyday, just do something that helps you live a healthy life and that’s it, go for running if you can(well, not during this pandemic of course), practice yoga if you want to just do something, anything, maybe just try to think thoughts if that’s all you wanna do, just be healthy.

4. Your Responsibilities during this pandemic

During this time, we have few responsibilities, and one of them is to stay home, and we will never get this time back where we’ll be considered responsible citizens for being lazy bums and staying home, so try your best to be one, be safe and when you are, you are also helping everyone by breaking the chain.
That’s all for now folks, see you soon.

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  1. This article is fucking brilliant and laced with the right amount of fucks. Kudos.

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