The One That Got Away


Sold By: Godsplan K. Ugwuja (Pendullum)
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A true story of love found, love savoured and love lost.

This is a personal account of this author’s journey from hurt to healing. He tells his bittersweet romantic journey in this book—using very detailed and descriptive poems.

These poems are sure to leave you in the middle of the poets shoes, feeling every single thing he felt as he went from falling in love, to experiencing the heady heights of passion and being in love and then to being betrayed and having his heart crushed.

This is a beautiful love story with an ugly ending. Well, that is not exactly true because the story doesn’t end there. It goes further to show you how he was able to pick himself up—albeit rather slowly and over many years—dust himself down and begin to thrive again.

This book is for everyone who is broken and is seeking a balm to soothe that bleeding heart and mend that crushed spirit. This is a story of hope. It is a story of the light at the end of every tunnel. It is a story of finding your feet after a brutal fall. Its a story of regeneration after being cut down.

It is proof that you can survive whatever dastardly blow you’ve been dealt and come out stronger.

Also, there are several other poems interspersed all around and within this love story. These poems are on diverse themes that are informative, inspirational, entertaining and enriching all round.

Its all in there, just waiting for you to pounce on it and have the experience of a lifetime.

Author’s Bio

Godsplan K. Ugwuja is a renowned poet, whose poems have won multiple awards and acclaim—both locally and internationally. He is the founder of the PENDULLUM POETRY ACADEMY, where lots of poets get trained monthly to master the art of poetry.

He loves to sing, read, and watch football. He lives with his family in Delta State, Nigeria.


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