Stretch Marks In Water

In Stretch Marks In Water, Odule O’Sussane uses poetry to reshape a family’s history, a real memory of their past selves; a fracture in the flow of history and the stigmatized terror that pervades the every day.
The poems and prose poems examine the inheritance of trauma and the profound struggles of illness, intense grief, and anger. An essential message to family, friends and self.
This book seeks to reclaim tenderness in one’s self by creating new rituals and moving towards the possibility of wholeness.


Sold By: Odule . O’Sussane
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September 8, 2020

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52 pages

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Independently Published (September 8, 2020)



More about the author

Odule . O’Sussane strives to explore the enormity of our cosmos with the
linguistic filigree that is poetry. She considers herself an apprentice when it
comes to wordsmithing, but appreciates your appreciation.


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