Perfect Imperfections


Sold By: Godfred Ahlijah (Kage)

Love for most of us, is not a fairy tale. It’s tainted with heart breaks and weaved in disappointments. In Contemporary times, heartbreaks and disappointment are synonymous with falling in love. Almost every Tom, Dick and Harry has in one way or the other been pricked by the thorns of love. This anthology is for those whose hearts have been broken and are still reeling from the agony of heartbreak.

Perfect Imperfection is an anthology that is birthed from the darkest parts of love. It seeks to navigate the murky depths associated with heart break and disappointment.

Author’s Bio

The poet is a budding Ghanaian writer who seeks to breathe, speak and heal through his poems.
He is a graduate of University Of Ghana and an Alumnus of Adisadel College.

He loves God, Pizza, Ice Cream, Music and of course other humans and not necessarily in that order.


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