If you were asked to stay with someone in a closed house for weeks and throughout, not a laugh nor a smile escapes from the person’s mouth, how would you feel? Joyous? Sad? Angry? Frustrated?.

Now, let’s have another scenario. Assuming you were asked to stay with someone in a closed building for weeks and throughout, the person puts on smiles and laugh often, how would you feel?
When we were kids, laughter emanated often from us. We smiled at little things and laughed for no reason but as we grew older, challenges began to weigh us down forgetting that Laughter is sinless.

Actually, we let them. For us to laugh hard now, we pay huge amounts of money to comedians: the same laughter that used to come out so freely? What happened along the way?
As we began to grow, work, school, and career took over. Stress became an inevitable factor and laughter, slowly a thing of the past. We frown and snap at the slightest things, forgetting that laughter doesn’t harm.

There are a lot of reasons to laugh.

Laughter is sinless
  • Laughter makes you feel young. As you’re reading this article, laugh. You’d notice how young, happy and carefree you’d sound. It makes you feel as though you have unlimited time on earth.
  • Laughter eases stress. Whenever you’re tired, relax and reminisce the old memories, try to remember the time someone did an embarrassing thing that cracked you up and there, the laughter would flow. It would flow so naturally and then, you’d notice something. The tiredness would have reduced! It works, you just have to try it out. The stress hormone stretches out when the laughing hormone takes over. Simply put, laughter is medicine.
  • Laughter bonds people. Sometime ago in school, I visited a friend. She was about to make a meal with a paste she had mixed. I reached out to grab something beside the bowl of paste and mistakenly, my leg hit it and splattered the content on the floor. I was alarmed and feared her reaction so without waiting for a word, I launched into pleas. I almost knelt while begging and she was flattered.

However, after some time, she just began to laugh. She burst into a full blown laughter and when I asked what the matter was, she said it was in the way I pleaded.

She said it was so funny, that she never thought I could be so humble.

She continued to laugh and made a drama of rolling. Before long, I joined her and to date we would remind ourselves of that moment and laugh again.

Laughter is sinless

  • Laughter builds friendship. Take a look at this excerpt from Chapter 20 of Joel Osteen’s Everyday A Friday:

One time in mexico, a couple approached my father. They asked him ‘’Do you know where the post office is?’’

My dad looked them real strange and said, ‘’No comprende. Espanol amigo’’

They thought, Oh no. He only speaks Spanish too. So they said it real dramatically, ‘’Post office!’’

Dad brightened up and said, ’’Post offeece?’’

They nodded excitedly and said, ‘’Yes. Yes. Post office’’

Then Daddy said, ‘’ If you’re looking for the post office, it’s right around the corner’’

The man said, ‘’Boy, I ought to whoop you for that’’.

They all had a good laugh at that. If the father had proceeded to ask for contact, they would have given him without doubt because he had made them laugh. A friendship would have struck.

  • Laughter is the greatest medicine of all times. A coronavirus patient was seen gazing at the sun with her doctor, having a good laugh. It may not heal her but it sure would have made her feel better and not think of the condition she was in so how much more YOU.

Cast all worries away today, grab your coat of laughter and don it on. Smile at everyone. Remember, laughter is sinless.

Oluwanisola Eludoyin

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  1. “laughter builds friendship” I agree to that. Imagine viewing someone’s status update on your WhatsApp and laugh at anything hilarious he/she post, honestly, you won’t know how far you’ve gone building that friendship… This is an article ooo🙌🙌

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