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Kano city: A ticking-time-bomb in Northern Nigeria.

Kano city : A ticking time-bomb in Northern Nigeria.

I Logged on to my twitter account this afternoon to see the “corona will soon end” hashtag trending, I was elated and engulfed with inexpressible joy.

I know what’s going through your mind. Yes, it just a trend, but anything that brings a ray of hope during this perilous time is welcome. Just below that hashtag, Kano was also trending.

NCDC confirmed Just yesterday Five new cases of COVID-19 in the state, prompting the governor to impose a weeklong lockdown on the Northern Nigeria economic powerhouse state.

The lockdown which intended for 10 pm today has geared up the metropolis into panic buying and eleventh-hour rush, The turnoff in all of this is the reckless approach towards this rush and how hazardous it is regarding how communicable this virus is,

The metropolis to meet up with allocated time violated the social distancing approach and there was no measure put in place by the state government to enforce it.

Coupled with the horrendous challenge going on within the youth of the state to show that the virus does not exist, these boys went to the extent of washing their hands and drinking the water. Not a smart move you might say.

It has raised several questions all over the social media today concerning the recklessness in Kano State. We can only hope and pray it ends without an answer as the state doesn’t have the material and infrastructure to fight large cases of COVID-19 Infections.

Na to sit down dey look. E go be.

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