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Jesus Said Use Your Head

Jesus Said Use your Head

The biggest problems of the world that hide beneath the guise of other vices are Religion and Ignorance.
Sit and mull deeply. Both problems have really and deeply ingrained themselves in the seat of the World. It is from them that society,hate, racism, xenophobia among others, emerge.
Religious excessiveness and extremity are the traps most have fallen for.
The center of all religions Is love; sharing love and caring for one another. With love, peace, care and every good thing follow but let’s ruminate on what is going on in the world. The hatred the so called religious people express is quite disheartening.
I would flash my light on the christians in this article.
Headlines that condemn leaders of churches scream at us daily. A pastor caught having sexual intercourse with his church member, a pope beating his wife, A pastor’s wife having sex with underaged boys and to the recent one, A pastor asking for offering from members during this pandemic period.
In the times of Apostle Paul, we were made to understand that a lot of issues arose in the early church, discordant matters waived but they are in inevitable in gathering of groups. However, this generation churches lack what the early church was known for, Love.
When a Christian is seen anywhere, love and support is naturally expected but these days, we have spiteful christians who cross over those in need for help .
Let’s move. Let’s talk about Worship and adoration. Both have been misplaced. They are directed towards the wrong directions. Members of churches now bow to the leaders. They follow the sheep instead of the shepherd. Their ignorance is so sickening that it reflects in their daily lives.
We see cases of people following their pastors’ advices foolishly without confirming from God. They forget they can also sit, pick up their Bibles and read, digest and hear from God.
The church should be seen as an institution, a school where people come to learn from one another. That is why there are Sunday schools where lessons are taught. After lessons, questions are asked, opinions are raised. It is quite understandable when offerings are collected to expand the church for more people to come in and learn but it is not sensible when all gather and do not spread love.
To understand me well, I need you to picture a scenario In this pandemic period where christians are reaching out to each other, sharing what they have like in the days of Ananaias and Sapphira. Imagine also after the pandemic, same happens. Imagine a scenario where you can call on your Christian brother and sister for emotional support without being dissed.
Imagine all that and more. Imagine a lovely society where God’s people called Christians are known distinctly for the love they show. Imagine a society where christians do not fear to cast away whoever (be it a pastor) who violates rules and laws.
Imagine a society where christians are human right leaders and support the citizens.
I’ll stop here but not without telling you to use your head like M.I. Abaga has said.
Jesus said Use your Head

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Jesus Said Use Your Head

  1. Don’t you think love has ascended to heaven since the early church left? And everything seems like no one is ready to bring it down back to earth.
    I think one of the biggest problems Christianity now face is, most of them do not love God, because if they genuinely do, then the love of God would spread on them so they can pass the same energy of love to their fellow Christian Brothers and Sisters. God help religion.

  2. The place of religion plays a vital role in Christianity. We need to remember that we were Christians before the man made “religion” came into existence. Love is a key factor like you stated and it’s missing in the hearts of humans. We should first check our humanity and other things would fall in place, Absence of humanity (Love and it’s cohorts) is the bedrock of this whole shenanigan. Good read 😊

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