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How To Write A Compelling Story (part 1)

"he said", "she said"
What are they saying? 

Sometimes, you’d think a story is perfect until people read it and don’t feel what you want them to feel. So What Intrigues Them? Apart from seeing themselves in a story, people want to feel you on a personal level. How can they feel you?

When you write like you mean it. I mean, it’s that simple, but that hard.

How are you supposed to write a druglord scene when you’ve never taken drugs?

• By putting yourself in their shoes! • By using your writer’s instinct.

An example: Hey, what would you do if your mother killed your father? Run? Kill her?

Now, here’s the tricky part. The reader who’s seeing themselves in your story do not know how the whole writing thing works. But you do.

Although there are two options for the question above, there are plot twist, character development, suspense, and so on too.

Back to the question :What would you do if your mother killed your father?

The reader: Run.

You: Gives some suspense

The reader: Kill her

You: character kisses the mum

The reader: (screams and turns the next page)

Congratulations, although you’ve never killed your father or know anyone who did, your reader is intrigued because you used some rules(your writer’s instinct).

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