How To Publish Your Book On TLM



Visit or click here to begin. We recommend opening with a browser.


Fill in all details of your book:

  • Book title: This is the title of the book you’ve written. E.g. THE BAD MOUSTACHE, BALLAD OF A LONER.

  • Book Genre: This is the category your books fall in.

For now, we have poetry, fiction, historical fiction, business and finance, non-fiction, educational. If your book does not fall in any of these categories, kindly select ‘OTHER’.

  • Book description: This should contain your book synopsis/summary(what the book is about).

  • Author’s email: Kindly fill in a functional email address here. E.g. [email protected]

The lens media would contact you via the email address

-You would receive notifications of orders via the email address

-Your payment transactions with the lens media will be received via the email address.

  • Author(s): Fill in your name(s) in this segment.

Kindly fill in the way you want it to appear on the platform. E.g. Oluwanisola Eludoyin Oluwabukola.

-If the authors are more than one , kindly write all names accordingly. E.g. Oluwanisola Eludoyin(Author 1), John Boyega(Author 2).

  • Author(s) Bio (OPTIONAL): Fill in your ‘About’. Kindly fill in what you want your readers to know about you.

  • Tags (OPTIONAL): Tags are similar to hashtags. Fill in what you want your readers to type alternatively when searching your book. E.g. poetry, theriseandfallofnigeria.

  • Language: Fill in the language your book is written in.

  • Price: Fill in the price of your book in naira. Don’t know what to charge for your book? Read this article.

  • Book upload: Upload a file of the book you’ve written. We accept Epub, Pdf, and Doc files only.

  • Book cover: Upload a Png or Jpeg file of your book cover. Don’t have a book cover? We have an in-house book cover designer. Contact us at [email protected]

  • Click submit: After filling in all correct details, click submit. Within 24 hours,  your book would be published.

  • If after submitting, you realize you left out a detail or would like to change something, kindly contact us at [email protected] or send us a message on Instagram  @thelensmedia.