Five Ways To Find Your Writing Style

Five Ways To Find Your Writing Style

Often, newbie writers aspire to be unique-to have their writing voice differ from others. This urge is normal. So normal is it that many writers , including the famous ones, have felt it at one point in their writing career . A writing style is power. It gives credibility and life to a writer’s work. It’s a natural flow of voice and structure that people can recognize anywhere. Bella Rose, a youtuber, describes it as a writer’s fingerprint.

Although writers aren’t born with it, it is achievable. Here are five ways to find your writing style:


Simeon Lindstrom, in her book ’Creative writing from think to ink’, correlated the way writers think to the manner children learn how to speak. In her words, ‘’Little children learn to speak from their parents, but eventually, they use that same language to express their own ideas.’’

What writers know is born out of information they have accumulated overtime. In fact, many writers imitate their role models and favourite writers. There’s hardly a writer who hasn’t tried to write like the authors of books they read. Whilst this should be embraced as an imperfection, it needs to be worked on.

Five Ways To Find Your Style

First, as Lindstrom’s quote stressed, embrace books as a language that would help you express ideas. Leverage on the information; structure, syntax, and so on. Then write what you know. Write it with the pre-existing knowledge you have.


Second, flow. In the beginning, your writing would be an amalgam of different styles but as time progresses, yours would emerge and stand out.

2. Write Regularly

Writing regularly requires discipline. However, constant practice sharpens a writing style so much so it is a heft for acquiring a writing style.

Five Ways To Find Your Style

Think about it, writing what you know is an endless process of learning and relearning . The more you learn, the more you write. So the best way to keep the train moving is to keep writing. Eventually, your style would spring.

3. Listen To Your Readers

Often, people see what you don’t see. In writing, these people vary from other writers to readers , though they can’t have a say unless they are permitted to. Anyway, if you are one of those who share their works in groups, communities, social media, blogs and so on, pay attention to what your readers say about your work. Ask for honest feedback from editors and other writers. How did your writing make them feel? Was there an a-ha moment somewhere?

On the other hand, if you think you have no reader, look inwards. According to Gail Carson, ‘’Even if you never show your work to another living soul, well, you still wrote it for someone. That someone may have only been in your head somewhere, and you may have been writing to them, unbeknownst to you.’’

Five Ways To Find Your Style

What this means is that you’re your very own first critic. Pay attention to what your inner voice says everytime you write what you know and practise regularly.

4. The Nuances Are Important

This step is an easier , if not easiest, way to find a unique writing style. What it involves is this: anytime you read a magazine, book, article or any material, note specific lines and say to yourself, ‘’If i were to write this line, i would write it in XYZ way instead.’’

What this does is to make you feel as though you corrected the writer but you didn’t. Instead, it is a nudge to make you see how much you can explore on your own. However, it only works when you practise regularly.

5. Don’t Fret

Don’t fret over these five ways to find your writing style. It would only emerge when you practise them. As a matter of fact, writers often get swayed with writing that their style is noticed by readers before they do. So, just flow and have fun practising them; the style would surely emerge.

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