Here Are The Frequently Asked Questions Users Of Our Service Have.

What Percentage do I earn when I publish on TLM?

Authors earn a whooping Eighty percent profit from every purchase.

Can I publish hardcopies on TLM?

No, Authors can publish only ebooks on TLM.

If my book has been published elsewhere, can I still publish it on TLM?

Yes, authors own exclusive publishing rights on TLM. Check our Terms of Service

What services do TLM offer?

  • Editing
  • Book Review (Video and Print)
  • Beta Reading
  • Book Cover Design

Someone whose currency is in Euros can’t seem to purchase my book from the website. Is there an alternative way?

Yes, there is. Kindly email the address of the buyer and the issue to [email protected]. We’d resolve it swiftly.

I have written a book. What next?

Click here to find out