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EndSarsor EndSwat? Our Problem.

SARS; Our Problem.

I feel the problem of this country is pretty much deeper than a few men in uniforms gifted with some meager power and abuse it.

I’d like to believe that Nigerians are more intelligent and insightful that they present themselves to be or are purported to be most times.

I know that we know what our problem is, yeah SARS is a problem but who created them and enables and subjugate us all and keep making this country a hazard to live in everyday.

On a daily you can never wake up without some absurd headline about them and their various antics and ways to keep us at each other’s necks and keep avoiding what they keep doing to this country

We are not stupid or clueless, we’ve just seen what happens when you speak up or make some assumptions about issues, because as it is they turned us all against each other with the way they know they can control us.

They made money such a god that attaining it will elevate you instead it just enslaves us into a never-ending loop of amassing more of it and never ever having enough or never satisfied with what we’ve got

Now even the so-called religious leaders are suddenly mute and without comments throughout this period of unrest
But if it was an election season now, they would all be brimming with visions and portents to assuage us to whoever appeases their flimsy described gods and whatnots.

I guess what I just wanted to highlight was that we shouldn’t lose sight of the actual problem while we all turn on each other.
We should try to at least detach our emotions and realize that the government doesn’t really have our express well-being in view anyway and be sure of what it is we are truly fighting for and know that if it’s a revolution we want, we have to become mentally prepared for it.

Nigeria is too many for one person to die for, no one person should be responsible for this bullshit issue,
The police are to blame but the government that enables them and refuses to acknowledge that is the bigger evil and such a government should not be allowed to subjugate and tramp on our rights!

“I know that we know what our problem is, yeah SARS is a problem but who created them and enables and subjugates us all? making this country a hazard to live in everyday?”

Henry Alderman

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