Dr Dawn

Dr Dawn strolled out of the theatre room in anguish. Her snotty nose making more noise than her heeled shoes. She bumped into everything on her way while she struggled to take off the surgical regalia that hung around her.
Dr Dawn felt woozy. She pressed the elevator buttons repeatedly like a stoned, yet, wild Rockstar would beat his drum set.
A warm soothing voice from behind said, “You’ll hurt your fingers my love.’’
Dr Dawn jumped. She hadn’t realized she wasn’t the only one there. An old woman smiled strangely back at her.
Dr Dawn’s hands were trembling as she tried pulling herself together but the cascade that had been building up in her eyes betrayed her. ‘Oh God, I’m really sorry” said Dr Dawn, wiping the tears
The other voice said, ‘’come here love, let me help you with that.’’
Dr Dawn walked stealthily over and within minutes, she was sobbing into the strange woman’s clothes, her lab coat draped over her.
The woman said again , ‘’you just lost your first patient right?’’
Dr Dawn broke into more tears, nodding and sniffing. She soon found herself telling the woman all that happened in the ward, how she hadn’t been able to keep alive the popcorn seller who was shot in his genitals.
The woman withdrew and gave that strange smile again.
‘’Thank you” Dr Dawn started saying but noticed another figure standing in the elevator – smiling at her. It was the boy she just operated on. She missed a couple steps and almost tripped but caught her balance and screamed at the top of her voice. She punched the elevator buttons in a rapid manner.
‘What’s the problem?’ asked the woman.
‘That.. that..’ stuttered Dr Dawn, “That is the boy I just told you about, that’s Gabriel the popular popcorn seller that I just operated on and pronounced dead”
“How do you mean?” The woman asked
“When a patient dies, they are tagged with a blue wristband on their right wrist, I placed it on him per…. perso…. personally. That’s it on his-” Dr Dawn stuttered again.
Just then, the elevator roared and she screamed again, more tears pouring on her face.
‘‘A blue wristband you said?’’
Dr Dawn nodded slowly, a throbbing headache emerging as the boy smiled again at her.
The woman raised her hand a little above her shoulder and said ”Like this one?”.

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