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Don’t rush

Eku quarantine as the Yoruba people would say. As you can see today’s title is of one of the most popular challenges now and it a short Post. A simple reminder to take things slow

Growing up, you realize your social life is built and basically revolves around three primary factors.

Where you grew up at

Who you grew up with

What educational institution you attended

However the magnitude of it’s simpleness it not so subtly affects the way we see ourselves, portray ourselves and percieve others.

The psychological need to fit into a defined pattern or how do we say it? Vibe. A circumference of actions that tangent into reactions push us to depend on these factors.
Thus making us feel incomplete as life tends to detour us away from the very rules we were told to live by.

As you age and increase the boundaries of your life you start to take bigger risks and much heavier decisions making you no longer the small person who yearned simply for acceptance from peers. A

this need increases, the essentially of these factors die out and you come face to face with the fact that you are the only factor you should consider.

The thing is some people never realise this so as the basic principles fade out they don’t pause at this second stage of life but catapult into the next like it’s a competition.
They deprive themselves of any sort of breathing space and start to look for validation in every single person they encounter.

They forget to take things slow.
They yearn for perfection when what they really need is self satisfaction.

It’s a sad circle that only the steady spinners find the end of.

During this lockdown steady spinners realize that it is a time for self reflection and family reconnection. Yes you should acquire knowledge because this is virtually the best time to but don’t forget that you are the only factor you should consider during all this.

Your mental health is the most Paramount and although you may think you are wasting valuable time I urge you to take this time to relax you brain. Find what we call inner peace and do only things that bring you joy

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1 thought on “Don’t rush

  1. Hello! Going through this article made me realise that I’ve been overly focused on where I’m going and I’ve lost sight of where I’m coming from, the child I used to and the love I had and shared. It made me realise that I’m my best bet and sometimes all I need to do is calm the heck down, breathe and live.
    Thank you kofo, this is an amazing article.

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