Denial, A false route to escape

Denial a false escape

Denial is a false way to escape our harsh realities. Realities that have agonized our souls in “fear”.

Denial is a false way to escape. Fear to lose, fear to fail, fear to die. This fear has driven human minds to go beyond their strengths to stop the inevitable or at least mitigate it to an extent, where one can tolerate it.

Fear of death is most powerful above all, it has always been lurking around our whole lives, even when we all are well aware of the fact that we are merely a guest to this enormous home called Earth, we stay here as if we own it, forgetting entirely about our temporary life span.

Thinking that this world will never end, instead believing that we can prosper here forever, till eternity.

Infact, look how this time has brought forth our folly, right slapping on our faces. Making us realise how insignificant our lives have become, dwelling in destruction of our own.

Putting the world on pause, it has the capability to end it, this pandemic has brought forth its wrath on humanity with no discretion at all.

Epidemics, wars, plagues, or things like old age, accidents, depression, what are the odds one can escape death?

There are millions of ways one can die, but to live one has to strive hard to fight against all these odds, just to live another day. So life is no less than a miracle that we often take for granted until we face death, and this time we are all facing it together.

Death knocks at our doors, and we keep it shut, protect ourselves with those masks, sanitizers and what not!

Just to live a little longer so that we can see a better future, and what does that future hold?

Is it the war?

The stock markets crashing and building up?

Those students fighting for their rights on the roads?

Money being more valuable than familes?

Pride taking over people’s lives?

Is that what we want our future to hold?

If by the grace of the almighty we survive, there will be a new world for us to step into. A new life to cherish with a clean slate.

A world where we can leave behind our baggage filled with filth of greed, ego and crafty selfish ways. We are living in hell and this is our chance to navigate our paths towards heaven with greener fields rather than greener currencies, to see brightest stars instead of brightest chandeliers in our homes, a place where feelings get exchanged instead of commodities.

Turning to normalcy is just turning back into the pit. Normal was never good. If we have another chance to step into this new world, let’s be more human in our deeds too and enter into a place where fear doesn’t enthrall at all, where we actually live instead of merely surviving.

A place, where we may never live in denial again.

Srishti Kujur

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