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Dead Bodies Murdered

Dead Bodies Murdered

By Kofoworola Odozi

 How do you tell the tales of a dead man?
Do you carry his history on your back;
Because your tongue no longer can.
 Or paint his name on placards
T-shirts and billboards
And bury his body in clean clothes.
Maybe get the most expensive coffin
Maybe carve his name upon it
Maybe give his family the street
Upon which he was shot at.
But then how do we fill the hole
His absence creates?
We could carry the cause
for which he fought the way Jesus carried the cross
We could brace ourselves for a big impact
Let this heroic act
Lead us to this victory he could see
When he planted his feet
And vowed that these forces will mee
Their defeat
Let us gather our strength and fight for him
For her
For all of them
We need to end sars.

My name is Kofoworola Odozi. I like to call myself an ambivalent creator.



having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something

But it’s never that deep I really just write words, think thoughts and breathe air.

Oh also, I have a book.

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