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CORONAVIRUS: You attract what you fear




I go by the principle or quote that, “you attract what you fear”. Can we all fear healthy living, wealth or breath, then we would attract it. So many people are taken away by death because it’s a tragedy they fear and those who do not fear death live longer than we think they should.


In the thick of this Coronavirus pandemic which has caused closed down of schools, cancellation of flights and placement of bans on gatherings; religious gatherings, social gatherings, political gatherings, e.t.c and everyone who can, have been encouraged to work from home in the affected states and countries in the world.

Every citizen, therefore, agrees to these precautions because everything in life no longer matters, all and sundry just want to breathe and survive the pestilence.


PS: I’m afraid that if this Corona virus refuses to disappear as soon as we expect, it may affect the educational system, religious activities, shattering the wealth of the wealthy men and crumbling the wealth of the state.


Contingency plans are everywhere. If stepping out of your house won’t be safe or stepping out of your car won’t be safe and money needs to be made, the contingency plan is that you can work from home or work from your car and money would still be made.

I suggest that we should show love to that family you’ve not always been having a nice time with, you should play with your kids, know their respective ages, birthdays and grades in school as many African fathers seem to not know these.


Amidst the rapid panic everywhere in the world, you can still go out, sneeze, cough, feel sick, and yet remain fine and freed from the Virus. See how you can achieve all these and be panic-free:



When you let go of fear, you don’t do zebra crossing knowing that you are conscious of where you are focused. Stay bold and confident believing that you are safe so you don’t attract the virus because of fear.


I have up to six (6) measures here that you can take and still be fine and free.

  • Castaway all fear: Like I aforesaid it, “you attract what you fear” but what you do not fear? “You don’t attract”. This is just a simple logic to staying safe and free. The physiological responses that emotional arousal causes are designed to prepare the body for the 3Fs; “flight, fight, freeze”. When you fear, it’s either your run, combat or be frightened. Fear itself kills. In the vast spreading of the virus, some are not just scared of it but terrified even when it doesn’t look like it’s getting closer to them. When you let go of fear, you don’t do zebra crossing knowing that you are conscious of where you are focused. Stay bold and confident believing that you are safe so you don’t attract the virus because of fear.
  • Be cautious: Although, the researchers found that this virus can hang out as droplets in the air for up to 3hours before they fall, but most often they will fall more quickly. You still have to breathe well, be cautious of what you touch and things you put in your mouth. Preventive measures have been given out, like; washing of your hands with alcohol-based sanitizer, washing your hands often with soap and warm water for 20-30 seconds, cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surface in your home, limiting contact with people outside your family, maintaining enough distance between yourself and anyone outside your family. Be cautious and note the precautions, because if you do. You’ll still go out and be safe and free. Do your best to keep your condition well-controlled.
  • Be tested and have safe sex: Although this is not HIV that can be contracted through sexual intercourse, you still have to have a safe sex so you don’t become one spreader of the virus and so you can be safe and free. Remember, it can be contracted through kissing, test yourself before you soak lips into each other’s mouth and you’ll be safe and free.
  • Be happy: despite the pandemic outbreak of the virus, don’t forget that you’ll always be you and what you are today will determine what you’ll be tomorrow. Don’t forget to wink at yourself and tell yourself how much you love yourself. Be happy, no matter how terrified the moment seems like. Enjoy your life and spend on yourself. Let nothing take that happiness away from you.
  • Elucidate your thoughts: In between the panic of the virus, bring your thoughts to light. Illuminate it, let your mind know what it wants; the virus or freedom. Do not panic, or make it sleep in thick darkness, we shall overcome!
  • Get on your knees every day: To combat and curtail the spread of the virus, to protect yourself from the virus. Get on your knees every day, ask the Divine for protection all day before you step out of the house, it doesn’t matter your religion. We all have one God, haven’t we? Then HE who is up high would send his angels to guide you if you find favor in his sight.


Now that it’s difficult to accept that man can be sick in peace, that man can just have a common cold, that man can just have common catarrh. You can do yourself well by staying home or visiting your doctor for a check-up.


In this midstorm, we hope that we shall all survive and see our fourth generations. Be safe and be fine!

Remember, you attract what you fear!


Do you have any additional measures to add? Feel free to drop it in the comment box.

Thank you for reading!


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