Contentwriting VS Content marketing (WITH Dev Matharia)

What are the differences between content writing and content marketing? On TIME OUT with TLM today, the spotlight is on Dev Matharia, a content marketer with over ten years of experience.
In this 3 minute read, he shares his journey with us and explains what content writing and content marketing are.


How has your content marketing journey been? When did you start?

  • Over a decade ago. I’ve explored all aspects of content marketing. Starting from screenwriting to digital content, I have explored, experienced, and championed all forms of content for every possible media.
    This holistic experience allows me to blend formats and create unique content marketing experiences for my audience and clients.

Some people would like to understand the difference between content writing and content marketing.

Great question and one that often confuses a lot of professionals too.
Content writing is one part of content marketing. It’s a tool to accomplish the goals of content marketing. Content marketing like Advertising encompasses a lot of fields e.g. Content Strategy, Content Creation (includes writing, visualizing, designing), Content Promotion (includes advertising), Content Distribution among others. Now, that’s a whole lot more than content writing as you can see.
If I have to explain it simply, content marketing is the vehicle and content writing is one of the wheels.

Content marketing vs content writing

Hmm, interesting. What aspects have you niched down to?

I wish I could say – all. Haha. My USP is content creation including copy, content, visualization, and design. Content creation, to be precise.

Dev, when I first met you, you used to post writing tips, what would you say changed exactly?

Writing is where it all starts for me. It’s the fountain I draw from every day. I am also a poet, hence, writing is an inseparable part of what I do.

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Content marketing is a natural extension. I pivoted from writing tips to content marketing to focus on my upcoming course on content creation. It is something that I have been planning for a while and I am already in love with the process of sharing my knowledge with those who aspire to excel in content.

That’s lovely. What lessons have stood out for you in your journey? 

Quite a few, in fact. But the most transformative ones have taught me put consumer of my content first. This way I never look for accolades but impact.

Do you do this full-time?

Full-time content professional, yes.
I’m curious. Does it ever get stressful?
OH, it does. I almost give up so often. But the joy of creating something that doesn’t exist yet is never fulfilled. I am always drawn to it again.
Oh. Who are your target audience Dev?
Mostly folks who need to create content for their business. It can include digital marketers, content writers, business owners running online businesses, social media managers, content marketers.

Great. Which is more important to you, sales or community?

Both! Sales is not gonna happen without community and there is no point in building a community as a businessperson if the intention is to not sell online.

Dev, what would you say to aspiring content marketers and writers? What should they be wary of?

One thing that all aspiring content marketers should be wary of is themselves. The products they create, the content they produce should make their audience happy. Their content should not be designed to bring them rewards or praise.
Mostly, as content marketers when we don’t see our content getting us rewards, we perceive it as low in value.



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