Stretch Marks In Water A Review

To the ever-painful process of sorting through what is trauma and what is your engrained personality. ~ ODULE. O’SUSSANE STRETCH MARKS IN WATER. STRETCH MARKS IN WATER - A Book Review I close STRETCH MARKS IN WATER for the third and final time. I stare at the ceiling fan and let it draw me deep into another poet’s subconscious. My compass and guide book, pink and bright, meant to guide me on this path is as helpful as a hallucinated reflection of myself. And beyond each swirl of the ceiling fan, I find a mocking X. Another question. Another question...

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Dr Dawn

Dr Dawn strolled out of the theatre room in anguish. Her snotty nose making more noise than her heeled shoes. She bumped into everything on her way while she struggled to take off the surgical regalia that hung around her.Dr Dawn felt woozy. She pressed the elevator buttons repeatedly like a stoned, yet, wild Rockstar would beat his drum set.A warm soothing voice from behind said, "You'll hurt your fingers my love.'’Dr Dawn jumped. She hadn't realized she wasn't the only one there. An old woman smiled strangely back at her.Dr Dawn's hands were trembling as she tried pulling herself...

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A House Divided

"A house divided against itself cannot stand." One of the biggest tests of every war is the battle against internal sabotage. The biggest weapon of the warfare is the ability to destroy from within without mercy, slowly eating away life of its host from within till there is nothing but a tall, seemly strong tree, while everything on the outside appears stable and safe to climb but on dead and weak on the inside. The battle of troy remains one of the greatest in the history of warfare, not because of the cunning nature of the Greeks or the ignorance of the...

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