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How can advertising help me sell more books?

We all know what advertising is: paying a fee to have your product placed in front of potential customers. But how can ads help new authors find readers? And once an author is established, how can ads help grow a reading audience over time? How ads work — and how you can work them — is a complicated business. There are many advertising platforms and few can actually provide good results. It’s too easy to be lured into bad “advertising opportunities” and make the wrong decisions — which is why we recommend hiring a book marketer to help you find your way. But where can you find a professional book marketer specializing in digital advertising, and with the right experience in your genre?

Look no further.

Why should I hire an advertising expert?

The world of advertising is not an easy one to navigate. As you can see, there are many different advertising platforms, with endless targeting possibilities. You can go through the steep learning curve yourself, but it will cost you time and money — potentially a lot of money. At The Lens Media, we recognize how valuable a solid marketing strategy can be for authors, which is why we’ve added book advertising specialists to the marketplace. They know these platforms and they’ve run successful advertising campaigns before. They can help you figure out what type of advertising is most likely to work for your book (it will heavily depend on your genre and price point), and they can then help you get started with a campaign — or multiple campaigns — of your own. In general, The Lens Media will work with you to:

  • find new audiences;
  • optimize conversion rates (through better targeting, copy and imagery);
  • teach you how to progressively manage those campaigns yourself.

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If the book is good, advertising can be effective at any stage, whether your book has just been published or has been on the market for some time.