September 2020


Stretch Marks In Water A Review

To the ever-painful process of sorting through what is trauma and what is your engrained personality. ~ ODULE. O’SUSSANE STRETCH MARKS IN WATER. STRETCH MARKS IN WATER - A Book Review I close STRETCH MARKS IN WATER for the third and final time. I stare at the ceiling fan and let it draw me deep into another poet’s subconscious. My compass and guide book, pink and bright, meant to guide me on this path is as helpful as a hallucinated reflection of myself. And beyond each swirl of the ceiling fan, I find a mocking X. Another question. Another question...

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MEET DESEWA MARTINS, THE 'DEESPEAKABLE' My name is Martha Ifeanyichukwu Adesewa Martins. I am popularly known on Instagram as @deespeakable and @desewa_martins. I am a writer, podcaster, and blogger driven by a passion to tell the stories of the everyday human life. I was straightforward and explanatory with The Lens Media on TIME OUT WITH TLM: WHAT WAS THE NEED TO CREATE A NEW PAGE FOR BLOGGING SINCE YOU HAD YOUR PERSONAL PAGE ALREADY? Hmm, I would say, growth. Deespeakble, though being one of the best things I have created is a brand that needs its own space to grow....

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How Frank Ocean’s Blonde Influenced My Writing

How Frank Ocean's Blonde Influenced My Writing

Blonde draws its power Prom Frank’s storytelling. From the vivid recount of his struggles after hurricane ‘Trina,’ in nights, to a brief tour into his tormented state of mind in ‘Seigfried,’ you get taken on a journey through his life.
People like to say that art is at its best when its vulnerable. and Blonde is a proof of that.
It has survived in the hearts of its fans since its release in 20I6, because of how it gave a voice to the troubling thoughts many of us are too ashamed to admit we have.

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