May 2020


If you were asked to stay with someone in a closed house for weeks and throughout, not a laugh nor a smile escapes from the person’s mouth, how would you feel? Joyous? Sad? Angry? Frustrated?. Now, let’s have another scenario. Assuming you were asked to stay with someone in a closed building for weeks and throughout, the person puts on smiles and laugh often, how would you feel?When we were kids, laughter emanated often from us. We smiled at little things and laughed for no reason but as we grew older, challenges began to weigh us down forgetting that Laughter...

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Dr Dawn

Dr Dawn strolled out of the theatre room in anguish. Her snotty nose making more noise than her heeled shoes. She bumped into everything on her way while she struggled to take off the surgical regalia that hung around her.Dr Dawn felt woozy. She pressed the elevator buttons repeatedly like a stoned, yet, wild Rockstar would beat his drum set.A warm soothing voice from behind said, "You'll hurt your fingers my love.'’Dr Dawn jumped. She hadn't realized she wasn't the only one there. An old woman smiled strangely back at her.Dr Dawn's hands were trembling as she tried pulling herself...

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James lay on the couch of his shared home. Motionless. Staring at the stained white ceiling of his too-small living room. Tayo was in the bedroom, with his latest conquest. Above the loud noises of the voices in his head, he could just hear her moans, his grunts, their friction.He was used to Tayo's adventures. He knew when to leave the room when to leave the house. He knew how to praise him for his expertise in wooing women, he knew never to speak of the chain that dangled loosely around his neck. He knew Tayo, and he knew that...

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