April 2020

Interview with CEO, LEKEKU

Following an abrupt decision to put an end to a popular literary brand, Lekeku, by its Chief Executive Officer,  TheLensMedia has conducted an interview to find out the cause.  The interview ensued between a team member of TheLensMedia and AbdulKadir AbdulKadir, the CEO of the brand.  Below is the conversation : Q:WHAT IS YOUR FULL NAME? CEO: My name is Abdulkadir-Abdulkadir Q:PLEASE TELL US MORE ABOUT YOURSELF CEO: I am a Professional Web Designer, Script Writer, Film maker and I'm the Founder of Lekeku, a literary brand aimed at revolutionalising writing in Nigeria. I studied in Ghana, with a BBA...

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A House Divided

"A house divided against itself cannot stand." One of the biggest tests of every war is the battle against internal sabotage. The biggest weapon of the warfare is the ability to destroy from within without mercy, slowly eating away life of its host from within till there is nothing but a tall, seemly strong tree, while everything on the outside appears stable and safe to climb but on dead and weak on the inside. The battle of troy remains one of the greatest in the history of warfare, not because of the cunning nature of the Greeks or the ignorance of the...

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Denial, A false route to escape

Denial a false escape

Denial is a false way to escape our harsh realities. Realities that have agonized our souls in "fear". Denial is a false way to escape. Fear to lose, fear to fail, fear to die. This fear has driven human minds to go beyond their strengths to stop the inevitable or at least mitigate it to an extent, where one can tolerate it. Fear of death is most powerful above all, it has always been lurking around our whole lives, even when we all are well aware of the fact that we are merely a guest to this enormous home called...

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The stranger

The stranger who stood opposite my window last Friday was clearly from out of town. He wore a bronze, yet blood-stained crown, looking quizzically into nihility as a raven from nowhere sat on his shoulder. It was one of those lonely Friday nights which I spent on my doll infested bed. I randomly looked out my window and stole a glance when I saw him standing across the street. He was tall and thin, his skin as dark as the late-night, crimson-colored dreadlocks buoyantly hung over his head which dwindled upon his neck like it would fall off soon. He...

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